Wholesale Produce

George's Farm Products is a wholesale broker, packer and shipper of produce, specializing in New York state product. Our produce operations started in 1951, supplying wholesalers, processors and grocery chains across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region.  

Our snap bean processing facility processes almost 5 million pounds of product annually.  We hydro cool our product to ensure that all field heat has been removed in order to extend the shelf life and pack it into wooden crates or bins as requested by the customer.  We utilize electronically monitored systems to maintain optimum water ph and available chlorine levels to ensure the highest levels of sanitation. We adhere to USDA Good agricultural practices food safety standards in order to provide the safest product to our customers.

We also provide custom packaging services for both growers and customers who are looking for a display ready package to showcase their product.  

George's Farm Products also acts as the primary sales agent for Upstate New York Growers and Packers, a New York based cooperative consisting of over 16 growers spread across the state.  Acting as their sales agent we broker a wide variety of seasonal vegetables starting with strawberries and peas in June and wrapping up the season with Butternut squash at Thanksgiving.

We are able to provide mixed loads of vegetables throughout the months of July, August and September.  The commodities we have in volume are green beans, sweet corn, green and yellow squash, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.

Please contact Luke George regarding produce related inquiries at Luke@gfpny.com or at 315.853.5547